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Household LED lamps for our health living

Household LED lamps light is good, power consumption is only about 6% of conventional bulbs, the life of 6 million to 10 million hours, can be new home is being renovated, Mr. Wang is difficult to accept, he said, lighting currently on the market the LED shop selling household too little energy-saving lamps, looking up trouble, there is expensive.

According to industry analysts, the current industry in Dongguan is the production of high-power LED street lights popular, home decorating with interior LED lighting manufacturer is still relatively small, hard to find products on the market, and the price is also more expensive, therefore, household LED lamps into the homes of ordinary people really take some time before.


High power LED light to occupy the market

Data show that, as of the end of 2009, Dongguan has been engaged in LED lighting technology and product development, production and application of more than 70 companies. However, most small and medium enterprises, higher visibility to less than 10, mainly Kingsun Co., Ltd., Jiuxing Energy Technology Co., Ltd hundred percent. Moreover, most of these manufacturers are concentrated in the high-power LED lighting in the area, to join the domestic market, few companies.

Jinyang Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Kwong Chi-hung, general manager, said, as he did so mainly for household LED business too small, mainly due to the market acceptance is not high, people’s awareness has not changed, coupled with high-power LED’s R & D to get government subsidies, so very few companies to do home LED.


Energy saving environmental health

Kwong Chi-hung, told reporters, the first power LED light source relative to the traditional ratio of 65% to electricity. LED light source which extended out another advantage is significant return on investment can be as high as 50%. Secondly, LED light source, long life, can use up to 25,000 hours and less than 30% of the lumen. This new light can still reach the traditional lamp light effect. Furthermore, no flicker-free radiation free mercury, not only beneficial to human health, and good environmental protection. For example, he said, in his house a large living room 40 square meters, only installed the eight 5-watt LED lights, they make the whole room bright and transparent than traditional light sources, even more than most of the energy-saving lamps are now also available in the market power.

Bottlenecks: the high cost of blocking the public to buy

Kwong Chi-hung, told reporters that at present, the market for household lighting and decorative lighting LED price is 10 times the normal energy-saving lamps about the price of so many people so hard to accept.

Dongguan, a local seller of LED lighting, said Lo, LED lighting is difficult to enter the homes of ordinary citizens, mainly due to high prices, the price of a good LED energy-saving lamps can achieve the same common energy-saving lamp brightness about 10 times. Meanwhile, LED market, there are quite a mixed bag of phenomena, the price difference between the LED energy saving lamp energy saving lamp may be less common, but life is greatly reduced.

He also said that many manufacturers are currently developing civilian energy-saving LED lights, as the technology matures, lower costs, and consumer understanding of LED lighting, LED lighting products to the general public into the family.

LED lights into the hotel refurbishment, new favorite

Kwong Chi-hung, told reporters that at present, in the decoration market, home LED lights have yet to be developed, but the hotel this one, has now started to accept, but the potential is great.

It is reported that a number of star hotels and other upscale clubs Business Center, LED lighting on the recognition and acceptance is very high, for the scale of light is limited by the amount of money. But it has LED interior lighting to allow domestic enterprises to find new profit growth point. Difficult to estimate how big this market in the end, as technology advances, LED lighting, falling prices and the entire team of lighting consumption growth, the profit would be an astronomical figure. Because LED lighting is not really a huge group of consumers-star hotel, not the high-end clubs, but the homes of ordinary people. Information, LED lighting costs have been declining, the annual decline in LED cost about 20%.

Pressure on energy saving in the current situation continue to increase, with 3-watt LED lamps to replace 35-watt energy-saving lamps, energy efficiency more than 90%. Next, government agencies, offices, etc. will likely be the next follow-up of the LED lighting replacement groups.

Pay attention to choose the interior lighting

● Avoid the bedroom lights are too bright

Bedroom is a place to sleep, always a warm, quiet, comfortable based. Try to avoid bright lights or lamps with exotic shapes complex, but the lights can not be too dark so as not to bring repression. Bedroom wish to select the main dome hanging lamp.

● living room lights to be at different levels

Living room lighting should be chosen relatively strong sense of art lamps, coordinated with the interior layout. Edge of the sofa can be placed a floor lamp, to chat with friends and family to create a friendly atmosphere.

If you have a TV and other audio-visual equipment can be installed in the side wall, to watch the best family TV moderate lighting.

● Light features the most comprehensive study

Elegant study of the environment should be quiet, simple and bright. Therefore, the study should ensure that within the main body of simple lighting or fluorescent lamp can be a single fork, the position according to the specific circumstances of the room.

● Kitchen for casual Spotlight

Taking into account the heavy kitchen grease and moisture, and light compared to other rooms, the kitchen lights often need to take apart and wash, it should be based as far as simple, light materials are also better than the plastic and glass to facilitate cleaning. If you cater to the restaurant kitchen, warm incandescent light source should be adopted.

● Children’s room lighting safety first

When you choose for the children’s room lamps, the lamp itself is the first safety performance, in addition to lighting itself is environmentally friendly, modeling is lovely, the child psychology is very important. In the light side, the child is in the developmental stage, bright lights and high-color rendering is important, the three-color fluorescent lamp is the ideal choice, it is the use of a new generation of three-color phosphor fluorescent lamps, light-emitting efficiency is the common characteristic is that Fluorescent 1.4 times the color of an ordinary fluorescent lamp of 1.2 times. So light of three primary colors brighter, more realistic, natural color display, good eyesight of children.

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“Tour of China the world’s top wine family” came to Hangzhou

May 25, “the world’s top wine tour family”event in Hangzhou Xiaoshan First World Hotel. Participate in this tour include the top wines from Bordeaux, France giants Lu Tong (Lurton) family, from Canada’s top wine giants Bole (Peller) Group and many other world-renowned ice wine wine family. Operators of many drinks in our province, wine industry leaders attended the event.

Premium wine imports in the industry for many years in Beijing, German Longbao true, general manager of Mr. Pan Zhihai international wine in the interview with this reporter, said that the consumption of popular traditional wine, mostly white wine oriented. However, as we increase awareness of health, over the years, alcohol consumption has a tendency to wine transformation.

But he believes that the current consumption of wine in general is still in an incubation period. Most people drink is of good quality and strong brands of wine at ease.

Speaking of the wine market in Zhejiang, Pan Zhihai said the past few years, wine consumption in Zhejiang, an increase very rapidly. Especially in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Cixi and other places, there will be a few years ago to the main wedding wine wine as wine phenomenon.

It is understood that “the world’s top wine family tour of China”activities have been held for many years. Mr. Pan Zhihai said holding such an event, designed to showcase the country’s more famous wine wine distributors to market to dealers in the cohabitation of a safe choice and a sustainable market opportunities will be the world’s most Recommend a good wine to domestic dealers and consumers, so that dealers do professional brand operators.

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Cooked this 4 fruits have more health benefits

Pear: boiled Runzao better

Pears to lungs and cough, but the pear cold, eating too much raw pear body will feel cold, cough caused by exogenous wind and cold can not eat more raw pears. But what if the pears cook, go in addition to cold, Lipi will become slightly bitter, dry lungs and the effect to be released completely. Pear seeds have been part of the lignin insoluble fiber, but in the heat after being dissolved in the gut, harmful cholesterol can be excreted.

Recommended white fungus soup Sydney

Ingredients: water, fat white fungus 1, Sydney 1, 5 grams of wolfberry, crystal sugar.

Practices: water, fat white fungus torn into small pieces; the fungus into the pot and boil until soft, then add rock sugar; Sydney cut, washed into the wolfberry continue to cook until soft to Sydney. The amount of wolfberry not too much, otherwise the soup will be some slightly acidic. White fungus soup Sydney done is as simple as take the time to cook until thick, naturally tastes better.

Hawthorn: porridge digestive cancer also

Hawthorn, rice porridge eaten, can prevent indigestion, but also play a supporting role in cancer.

Recommended Chixiaodou Hawthorn porridge

Ingredients: red bean 60 grams, 30 grams of Hawthorn, 50 grams of rice, brown sugar 30 grams.

Approach: first, after half a day soaking red bean, and hawthorn, rice porridge, Shulan added brown sugar to taste and serve.

Grapefruit: Heating tea to lose weight

It is recommended that you not eat grapefruit flesh heat, but has been ignored by our grapefruit skin. Grapefruit peel contains naringin and rutin flavonoids, has antioxidant effects, can reduce blood viscosity, lose weight, resistance to aging, when heated into the body will be more active, play the greatest effect.

Recommended naringin honey tea

Ingredients: 100 grams of grapefruit skin, honey appropriate.

Practices: the grapefruit skin soft middle of the white sliced, with warm boiled for 10 minutes, then washed with and drink with honey can be.

Apple: the benefits of pectin heated double

Overseas studies have found that Apple’s heated, which contains polyphenols content of natural antioxidants will increase substantially. Polyphenols not only lower blood sugar, blood lipids, inhibit free radical and anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory sterilization, but also inhibit the plasma cholesterol. Thus, cooked apples beneficial.

Recommended pot pork apple

Ingredients: 1 apple, pork 100 grams, 50 grams of peanuts, dried longan meat amount.

Method: Cut the apple into pieces, pork cuts, some peanuts, a number of longan flesh. In addition to pork, the other materials together into the casserole, add water, boil the pork pieces, boil 1 hour or so you can eat.

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It is not good to squeeze juice for eating fruit

Now many family bought spin juicer, some families eat fruit juice drink basic is that so convenient save trouble. In fact, besides some patients or tooth bad old people outside, fruit juice drink best not to. Only drink juice of cellulose, reducing the intake of human body. Represented by pectin water-soluble fiber have prevention and decrease of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, the health care effect While water insoluble dietary fibre has stimulating bowel peristalsis and promote the role of defecate, food fiber can affect e. bacteria activity, make e. bladder acid, and can dilute relic reduce putrified toxic substances, reduce carcinogens and bowel mucosa contact time. In addition, food fiber and prevent excessive heat, the role of obesity. Fruit juice drink to children’s health is adverse, easy cause children’s teeth lack of exercise, facial skin muscle strength become weak, eyeball adjust enginery abate.

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