It is not good to squeeze juice for eating fruit

27 May

Now many family bought spin juicer, some families eat fruit juice drink basic is that so convenient save trouble. In fact, besides some patients or tooth bad old people outside, fruit juice drink best not to. Only drink juice of cellulose, reducing the intake of human body. Represented by pectin water-soluble fiber have prevention and decrease of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, the health care effect While water insoluble dietary fibre has stimulating bowel peristalsis and promote the role of defecate, food fiber can affect e. bacteria activity, make e. bladder acid, and can dilute relic reduce putrified toxic substances, reduce carcinogens and bowel mucosa contact time. In addition, food fiber and prevent excessive heat, the role of obesity. Fruit juice drink to children’s health is adverse, easy cause children’s teeth lack of exercise, facial skin muscle strength become weak, eyeball adjust enginery abate.

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Posted by on May 27, 2011 in health benefits of grapes


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