“Tour of China the world’s top wine family” came to Hangzhou

30 May

May 25, “the world’s top wine tour family”event in Hangzhou Xiaoshan First World Hotel. Participate in this tour include the top wines from Bordeaux, France giants Lu Tong (Lurton) family, from Canada’s top wine giants Bole (Peller) Group and many other world-renowned ice wine wine family. Operators of many drinks in our province, wine industry leaders attended the event.

Premium wine imports in the industry for many years in Beijing, German Longbao true, general manager of Mr. Pan Zhihai international wine in the interview with this reporter, said that the consumption of popular traditional wine, mostly white wine oriented. However, as we increase awareness of health, over the years, alcohol consumption has a tendency to wine transformation.

But he believes that the current consumption of wine in general is still in an incubation period. Most people drink is of good quality and strong brands of wine at ease.

Speaking of the wine market in Zhejiang, Pan Zhihai said the past few years, wine consumption in Zhejiang, an increase very rapidly. Especially in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Cixi and other places, there will be a few years ago to the main wedding wine wine as wine phenomenon.

It is understood that “the world’s top wine family tour of China”activities have been held for many years. Mr. Pan Zhihai said holding such an event, designed to showcase the country’s more famous wine wine distributors to market to dealers in the cohabitation of a safe choice and a sustainable market opportunities will be the world’s most Recommend a good wine to domestic dealers and consumers, so that dealers do professional brand operators.

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