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5 kinds of wine to drink for women


Baileys is a colorless liquor, brandy, gin or other distilled spirits with fruit, flowers, plants pure squeezed juice and other natural material made of mixture after distillation, alcohol is not high, partial taste Sweet. Baileys ice cubes or crushed ice can be added to drinking, fetching water or soda, milk and even ice cream.

Club in the popular drinking: wine glass with the minimum number of coupled 5 / 6, Baileys, and then pour 1 / 6 Vodka. Baileys will sink to the bottom of the cup. Vodka cup noodles and then lit into the straw, with the fastest speed drink Baileys.


Wine is a fruit other than grapes led to wine, the main raw material for the apple, pear, cherry, black currant, strawberry, plum, kiwi, etc. Wine and wine brewing method is basically the same, about crushing the fruit, squeezed juice, add yeast fermentation, the alcohol content of 5-6% to 15-16%. Retains the fruit’s unique personality and sweetness, so relaxed and happy feeling when drinking.
It is for women to drink wine, good for the heart, every day is a health drink is also very good.


The so-called cocktail, mix the wine is, generally refers to spirits accompanied by fruit juices, soft drinks mixed, occasionally also added to other materials such as butter, eggs, etc., in disguise to a significant reduction in alcohol spirits, more so in prevalent in women.

Cocktails with alcohol bartender who will mind the different. In order to increase the cocktail of color and beauty, but also paid great attention to decoration.


Bloody Mary filled with a tomato juice flavor, but the entrance because a vodka, it tastes smooth. And brought spicy tomato juice, trembling between the tongue and teeth, very full of pathos. During Prohibition in the United States, Bloody Mary bar is very popular in the underground, known as the “drink of tomato juice is not drunk.”


Margaret to blue agave, blue orange spiced wine, sugar, crushing ice and salt together to blend. Cocktail master cast around in the cup lemon juice, evenly dipped in salt, then pour the juice ice machine and materials, shake into the cup, immediately showing the ocean blue like the Maldives.

Tequila Drinking method: place the salt on the back of the tiger’s mouth, the salt involved in the mouth with his tongue, then a small cup of tequila and drink and then picked up a small piece of lemon, the fruit chew entrance.

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Woman eat eight kinds of fruit and vegetable skins beauty and beauty

1 grape skin fat: meat, grape skin and grape seeds contain more than the more abundant resveratrol, a lipid-lowering, anti-thrombosis, prevention of atherosclerosis, the role of strengthening the immune system. Especially the purple grape flavonoids in the skin, as well as lower blood pressure. Grape skin is also rich in cellulose, pectin and iron. Now people began to examine the use of grape Piga processed food, for the treatment of high cholesterol, diabetes and so on.

2. Antioxidant apple: apple is rich in dietary fiber, can help digestion. Nearly half of apple vitamin C is also close to the skin site. Studies have shown that apple antioxidant activity stronger than flesh, even more than other fruits and vegetables are high. There are many manufacturers of apple peel extract the active substances to develop functional foods.

3. Lipi pure heart and lungs: Lipi is a high medicinal value of Chinese medicine, can be pure heart and lungs, down as fluid. Wash the skins chopped, add rock sugar water stew served to cough. Homemade kimchi put some skins, make pickles more crisp, but also more delicious.

4 watermelon rind Qingre: watermelon rind is rich in carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, has Qingre, Xiehuo Chufan, lowering blood pressure and so on. Be cold, pork or soup.

5 phlegm appetizer orange peel: orange peel is rich in vitamin C, carotene, protein and other nutrients, can make many delicious. Orange peel aroma and delicious porridge, but also treatment of abdominal fullness or cough, sputum. To do when you put a few pieces of orange peel broth, to make Flavored more fresh, and reduce greasy. Orange peel soaked in water or tea, taste fresh, but also appetizers, ventilation, refreshing. Orange sparkling wine there clearing the lungs phlegm effect. Lemon peel is similar.

6 melon pili water swelling: melon skin not only contains vitamins and minerals, also contains a variety of volatile components. It can water swelling, is more beneficial for diabetics. So do the best skin when cooked winter melon soup.

7 tomato skin cancer prevention: lycopene is by far the strongest antioxidant found in natural substances can prevent cardiovascular disease, improve immunity, prevent cancer, the most abundant in the tomato skin. In addition, the tomato skin but also help maintain intestinal health. Therefore, the tomato skin to eat the most nutritious.

8. Eggplant skin protection Cardiovascular: cardiovascular eggplant is to share patients’ diet, a large number of nutrients are embedded in the skin of the eggplant. Peeled eggplant will not only reduce health care value, but also because one of the iron oxidation by air, it is easy black, affect the body’s absorption of iron.

Consumption of fruit and vegetable skins, the best choice for organic fruits and vegetables, if the conditions are limited, can also be green certified. If not work on the new standard. You can use warm water when washing 1-2 minutes, scrub with a soft brush, if necessary, and then hot water it. Does not promote the use of detergents to clean fruits and vegetables, because the detergent itself is a chemical that may cause secondary pollution.

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