Red Wine and Health

04 Aug

C: wine beneficial for us What are the factors?

R: All the scientific evidence that wine is very beneficial for us, but may be certain types of wine better than the other. We observe the way in the laboratory to study the exact wine to improve vascular function in the material really is. We recognize, proanthocyanidins, a flavonoid polyphenols, which is a known antioxidant, its effects we observed, this material will profoundly improve blood vessel function.

C: There is a known as the “Mediterranean effect” phenomenon, of course, this does not mean that people must come from the Mediterranean basin, “French paradox” is also true. French people like to eat eat and drink, smoking like a chimney, this kind of life lasted for 500 years. No one really knows how they do it, do you think this is the result of their drinking wine?

R: Yes. Mediterranean diet come out after the investigation known as “the seven countries study” (University of Minnesota School of Public Health Professor Keith Ansel • “seven countries: coronary heart disease and mortality in multivariate analysis”), reported in Crete Island people living in long-term, despite eating a high fat foods, but very few heart disease. Their diet is often an important part of drinking wine. Then I began to study Sardinia, as the island’s largest concentration of centenarians in Europe, I found their wines than other regions of the wine contains more abundant procyanidins. Crete wine polyphenols are also particularly rich in content. So I investigated the French population, and the French in terms of regional differences in heart disease, as well as on regional differences in longevity. I found living in the southwestern region of the French people drink wine, very rich in polyphenols. But the coincidence is that the “French paradox”, the food we eat here is one of the highest fat content areas of France. Therefore, I believe: First, the wine should be part of a healthy diet; Second, some people are advised to drink less of nutrition, in fact, unfounded.

C: for you that there should be conflict of interest, because you are a wine connoisseur, is not it?

R: I do not want to say that they are a wine connoisseur. Obviously, we all like to justify their career. I am also a people who believe in low-fat diet, and I accidentally started a low-fat diet of scientific research. But I realized, in fact, if you want to have a healthy cholesterol levels, it should be noted that the type of fat intake, rather than simply a low-fat diet. Low-fat diets tend to make too much of pure carbohydrates and sugars into people’s body, which is unfavorable factors, and into a heart disease risk. This prompted me to write a book to illustrate this point, that is: Everyone should know what is healthy eating, the problem is not that you are thin or fat. Wine is a part, but the food you eat for your overall health is more important.

C: What is the role of those chemical substances for? How’s that?

R: In fact, the white grapes also contain these substances. The difference lies in the white wine and red wine brewing methods. White wine is fermented grape pulp, and peel red wine fermentation, and grape seed to take, in the long fermentation process has made more people need to polyphenols, so the higher level.

C: OK, we’ve learned that wine contains this kind of thing. But how do we know these things must be to the blood vessels? How it affects the risk of cardiovascular disease-free? How was work?

R: Essentially, you can think of a vascular tube and an internal layer of protection, health bears an important responsibility. The wine in the chemical protective layer on the role of promoting the health of, so this reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Many people find that chocolate also have this advantage, there is now evidence that dark chocolate also contains the same polyphenols, the same as a good red wine. So if you do not drink wine, but want to intake from other sources, these polyphenols, dark chocolate is one of the options.

C: I’m sure people at the end of the program will want to know something. Simply speaking, we should eat? The number of glasses of red wine to drink it? Cup enough?

R: to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease have a real impact on levels of consumption, have similar guidelines of a government recommendation that: women should not exceed one to two glasses a day, 125 ml glass; two to three cups like males. But the point is that we benefit from the consumption of wine, should become part of the lifestyle, rather than go to the bar, and should not be forced to drink a few glasses of wine, they think they get all the benefits. Important to fully understand the way of life should be combined.

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