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Yantai is located 5 million yuan of special funds to help wine industry

Recently grapes and wine from the Bureau of Yantai City was informed that the formal establishment of Yantai City, Yantai wine industry development funds, starting next year, the Municipal Finance arrangements for the wine industry each year five million yuan of special funds for supporting the wine industry.

According to the Bureau of Yantai City, the person in charge of wine, the municipal government decided that the financial year starting next year, the city arranged wine industry development funds of $ 5 million articles from China focusing on network quality wine grape base wine, wine branding and planning for the sector, given the large wineries Loan interest subsidies, subsidies for farming and other farmers. Meanwhile, the city will also actively seek national, provincial agricultural development funds, local matching funds, financial arrangements, to promote the wine grape base construction and development of leading enterprises, efforts to enhance the image of Yantai City International Vine and Wine, Wine of the city to further promote economic and social development and make greater contribution.

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