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Yantai is located 5 million yuan of special funds to help wine industry

Recently grapes and wine from the Bureau of Yantai City was informed that the formal establishment of Yantai City, Yantai wine industry development funds, starting next year, the Municipal Finance arrangements for the wine industry each year five million yuan of special funds for supporting the wine industry.

According to the Bureau of Yantai City, the person in charge of wine, the municipal government decided that the financial year starting next year, the city arranged wine industry development funds of $ 5 million articles from China focusing on network quality wine grape base wine, wine branding and planning for the sector, given the large wineries Loan interest subsidies, subsidies for farming and other farmers. Meanwhile, the city will also actively seek national, provincial agricultural development funds, local matching funds, financial arrangements, to promote the wine grape base construction and development of leading enterprises, efforts to enhance the image of Yantai City International Vine and Wine, Wine of the city to further promote economic and social development and make greater contribution.

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Red Grapes Wine can ease the stress response to human health

Traditional medicine tells us that wine has refreshing invigorating, medicinal effect. Especially the elderly energy fatigue failure, moderate alcohol consumption can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance digestion and immunity, play a role in longevity. The latest research is that alcohol, especially drinking wine is a very important health effect is to relieve stress.

Within a reasonable drinking of wine can directly play a role in the peripheral nervous system, and central nervous movement work, gives a comfortable, euphoric feeling. The role of the sense of reflection as, before the drinking has begun.

In all kinds of alcoholic beverage, wine color is the most colorful. Show different red wine, garnet red, rose red, ruby ​​red, purple, yellow, yellow, green, yellow, golden, such as different colors, people pleasing. The wine into the corresponding elegant glass, due to the different kinds of wine exudes a mellow, fruity, floral, rose fragrance, musk fragrance. Since then, the drinking of wine, the tongue and the mouth of taste cells are stimulated us in a comfortable, euphoric state. This is a mental state of equilibrium, can quell anxiety of mind, so as to effectively suppress or relieve stress.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that we can properly on a regular basis, but the amount of alcohol, which can be lifted in time of stress, but drinking wine is an ideal way to relieve stress drinking.

More and more research and evidence that “stress” is harmful to the bane of modern human health. But it does not need to worry too much, because the same scientific evidence, the wine can reduce the threat to human health and the lifting of the stress response.

“Stress” is a psychological and physiological terms, is anything that can disrupt the function of the body tensions and disturbances. Physical stress such as cold, heat, noise can cause a variety of human biological response; psychological stress such as frustration, deprivation, conflict can cause psychological defense reaction. In most cases, these two types of stress can exist. Stress can cause a variety of patterns of behavior, one is called Type A behavior pattern, characterized by a lack of patience, with a total sense of time urgency, hard to compete, just think of the hearts of professional and related deadlines. There are reports that such patterns of behavior of people high risk of coronary heart disease. Some studies confirm that stress is the body to produce oxygen free radicals leading to the main reason.

Person’s ability to cope with stress was the heart – the body’s important medical research. A person can successfully control their stress situation, their mental and physical health have a profound impact. Recent studies have found that regularly drinking in moderation, especially long-term moderate wine drinking is an effective way to relieve stress. There are reports that drinking and stress echo can be generated to reduce the formation of catecholamines, which can be released from the stress state. Because stress is the body of oxygen free radicals increase the biggest reason why, through the amount of alcohol to relieve stress and inhibition, which makes maintaining physical and mental health.

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Romantic Grape Festival

Tanabata Festival, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the occasion of the romantic period, the landscape of England held the Sixth estate Grape Festival.

The whole nine, very British style of tap dance, “Irish Love” opened the Grape Festival prelude, followed by familiar ethnic dance “sing folk songs to the Party,” drew thunderous applause from the guests, But the real climax of the atmosphere is Tanabata special events – wine and grapes games. Wine links, taking six of the lucky spot in a couple of wine production, leaving them to feel happy is also home brewed wine, so sweet to the store.

If the wine is sweet to describe, then the grapes happy to describe the application of the game. During the race, participants vexation greedy scene, so spectators to the side for their fuel, while laugh, but it is to get participants from the estate of a basket of organic grape quality and value, ranging from Dolton shopping coupons, so that both eat sweet grapes, and the feeling of intimacy between lovers, as well as generous gifts to get, they are naturally excited. Guests have said, the grapes are delicious to eat, wonderful show to see, as well as the landscape and the manor house you can enjoy beautiful, really enjoy the delicious food, a treat, but also full!

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“Tour of China the world’s top wine family” came to Hangzhou

May 25, “the world’s top wine tour family”event in Hangzhou Xiaoshan First World Hotel. Participate in this tour include the top wines from Bordeaux, France giants Lu Tong (Lurton) family, from Canada’s top wine giants Bole (Peller) Group and many other world-renowned ice wine wine family. Operators of many drinks in our province, wine industry leaders attended the event.

Premium wine imports in the industry for many years in Beijing, German Longbao true, general manager of Mr. Pan Zhihai international wine in the interview with this reporter, said that the consumption of popular traditional wine, mostly white wine oriented. However, as we increase awareness of health, over the years, alcohol consumption has a tendency to wine transformation.

But he believes that the current consumption of wine in general is still in an incubation period. Most people drink is of good quality and strong brands of wine at ease.

Speaking of the wine market in Zhejiang, Pan Zhihai said the past few years, wine consumption in Zhejiang, an increase very rapidly. Especially in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Cixi and other places, there will be a few years ago to the main wedding wine wine as wine phenomenon.

It is understood that “the world’s top wine family tour of China”activities have been held for many years. Mr. Pan Zhihai said holding such an event, designed to showcase the country’s more famous wine wine distributors to market to dealers in the cohabitation of a safe choice and a sustainable market opportunities will be the world’s most Recommend a good wine to domestic dealers and consumers, so that dealers do professional brand operators.

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It is not good to squeeze juice for eating fruit

Now many family bought spin juicer, some families eat fruit juice drink basic is that so convenient save trouble. In fact, besides some patients or tooth bad old people outside, fruit juice drink best not to. Only drink juice of cellulose, reducing the intake of human body. Represented by pectin water-soluble fiber have prevention and decrease of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, the health care effect While water insoluble dietary fibre has stimulating bowel peristalsis and promote the role of defecate, food fiber can affect e. bacteria activity, make e. bladder acid, and can dilute relic reduce putrified toxic substances, reduce carcinogens and bowel mucosa contact time. In addition, food fiber and prevent excessive heat, the role of obesity. Fruit juice drink to children’s health is adverse, easy cause children’s teeth lack of exercise, facial skin muscle strength become weak, eyeball adjust enginery abate.

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Health benefits of grapes,some other you should know!

Health Benefits Of Grapes

Grapes, also called as nectar of gods and queen of fruits , are of round or oval shapes and come in varying colours l. What are the health benefits of grape seed extract grapes are rich in health promoting flavanoids and provide the body with countless benefits grapes protect the body against atherosclerosis and cancer. Health benefits of grapes–qualities of a growing body of research data suggests that consuming foods rich in polyphenols from grapes, including red wine, helps reduce the risk of heart disease, according. Mounting evidence shows health benefits of grape polyphenols many grape health benefits areattributed to the flavinoids and antioxidants found in the seeds, skin , leaves and vine. Health benefits of white grape juice there may however be health benefits from the oil itself a 1993 study supports the claim that grape seed oil increases high-density lipoprotein

Health benefits of oregon grape – nutrition benefits of oregon grape welchs has enjoyed an international presence for over 100 years, our products are sold in more than 33 countries where we continue to identify new markets and grow. Health benefits of the muscadine grape health benefits of grapes educating ourselves about the health benefits of grapes is important as it will encourage us to eat more of this nutritious snack many of us. The amazing health benefits of grapes oregon grape is not a grape, but a shrub that has been used to treat host of ailments since ancient times with this article, explore the nutrition and health benefits of. Grape health benefits what is it about grape seed extract that can help in the fight against cancer, heart disease, arthritis and aging facts on grape seed extract that will surprise you.

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Grape juice have the greater benefits than orange juice

If you think everyday breakfast cup of orange juice a day when a healthy start, then they would think again. New research shows that grape juice to the benefits your body more than orange juice.

Orange juice is not high ranking

Scientists have completed the first juice of 13 kinds of scientific analysis of antioxidants. A variety of fruits and vegetables antioxidants such as vitamin C, are thought to have against free radical function, have an important role in the anti-aging, prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases.

According to scientists, research, health juice, purple grape juice occupied the top spot, apple juice and cranberry juice followed. The most popular and loved by people of orange juice instead of ranking is not high. According to reports, orange juice contains polyphenols – a strong antioxidant, than other juices have been tested less.

University of Glasgow plant biochemistry and human nutrition professor Ke Luoqi led the study. He said the British study more popular for a total of 13 kinds of fruit juice.

“Concord grape juice, purple grape juice as the most abundant polyphenols, most varieties, it has the highest antioxidant capacity. Other than to include anti-aging juice and cranberry juice apple juice.” Keluo Qi said .

Often a variety of fruit juice drink

According to reports, U.S. scientists have found that drinking fruit juice in the past to reduce the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, which led the study at Glasgow University. The researchers tracked 2,000 volunteers surveyed over the past 10 years, the health, found that drinking at least 3 times a week, people suffering from juice risk of dementia than the number of times a week drinking juice were less than 1 times 76% lower .

Glasgow University researchers found that drinking a single variety of fruit than drink fruit juice can achieve better anti-aging effects, as this body can take in more types of polyphenol antioxidants.

Professor Keluo Qi said: “healthy diet, regular consumption of a variety of fruit juices – such as purple grape juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice and cranberry juice, can increase the body’s anti-aging capabilities.”

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Grape nutrition

Grapes are essential fruits of everyone, because these are one of the nutritional fruits many of you everyday eat and use grapes fruits for skin tanning etc here are. Top 10 health benefits of grapes grapes are small round or oval berries that feature semi-translucent flesh encased by a smooth skin some contain edible seeds while others are seedless like blueberries. Health benefits of grapes discover grape seed oil’s health benefits including cancer prevention, treating diabetes, and pain relief for arthritis grape seed extract is also beneficial for. Delta packing – grape health benefits health benefits grapes are a form of berry they are round or oval in shape with a variety of sizes, colors and tastes its sizes vary from as small as a pea to as big as.
Hey , do you know that rich and succulent fruit that falls among the top list of people preferences are grapes since ages this is one of the major reasons that. Discover the phenomenal health benefits of red grapes the health benefits of grapes include its ablity to treat constipation, indigestion, fatigue, kidney disorders, macular degeneration and prevention of cataract. Health benefits of grapes – health benefits of black grapes not your average snack: reach for the health benefits of grapes when hunger hits. Grapes fruit’s health benefits of grapes grapes fruit think of fruits and you will surely not forget small juicy berries yes, grapes besides a mouth watering taste, grapes have phenomenal health benefits grapes.

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Grapes health benefits

Health benefits of concord grapes 100 concord grape juice from growers co-op is one of the most heart healthy beverages you can buy while health is viewed in the. Health benefits of grapes – health benefits of black grapes grapes are a little oval or round fruit, several grapes are seedless grapes is a wealthy resource of flavonoid, this gives the lively purplish color to grape juice. Health benefits of concord grapes hey people, do you know that rich and succulent fruit that falls among the top list of people preferences are grapes since ages this is one of the major reasons that. What are some health benefits of grapes white grapes the varying colors of grapes bring a spectrum of antioxidant protective power to this versatile fruit the components in grape juice are reported to. Health benefits of grapes people often don t mind the health benefits of grapes because of it tastes delicious grapes have been a favorite fruit of humans since times unknown the.

Health benefit of grapes high in antioxidants and full of health benefits of grape seed extract grapes vitis vinifera have been supported for thousands of years for their medicinal and nutritional value the seed extract. The health benefits of white grapes brief and straightforward guide: what are some health benefits of grapes. Health benefits of grape seed extract livestrong com health benefit of grapes they are high in antioxidants and they contain the vitamins a, b and c, as well as thirteen minerals essential to human life. Welch’s international – health & nutrition – health benefits of health benefits of white grape juice medical research public relations health & nutrition success stories.

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Grapes, queen of the fruits

Think of fruits and you will surely not forget small juicy berries yes, grapes besides a mouth watering taste, grapes have phenomenal health benefits grapes have.Grapes are small, oval vine fruits that come in a range of colors including green, red, and purple they are delicious and feature a flavor.

Health benefits of grapes not your average snack: reach for the health benefits of grapes when hunger hits. Grapes – grape nutrition facts and health benefits grape juice concentrate resveratrol grape juice benefit grape health benefit information by ray sahelian, m d grape juice content of resveratrol and nutritional. Health benefit of grapes, resveratrol content by ray sahelian, m d a recent study showed that rats fed a diet mixed with a blend of powdered green, red, and black table grapes had lower blood pressure, better heart function, reduced. Health benefits of grapes grapes health benefits include promoting heart health, reducing risks of cancer, stalling alzheimer’s disease and decreasing blood clotting risks.

Grapes, queen of the fruits are storehouse of numerous healths promoting phyto-nutrients such as polyphenolic antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Health benefits of grapes – health food guide we know that grapes have anti-aging and other health benefits, but you know it is the mechanism us scientists after some investigation, found grapes in a very. Grapes nutrition facts and health benefits people often don t mind the health benefits of grapes because of it tastes delicious grapes have been a favorite fruit of humans since times unknown the. Not your average snack: reach for the health benefits of grapes brief history of grapes grapes have been around since prehistoric times, and they have been cultivated since 5000BCE the ancient greeks and romans valued the grape. The health benefits of grapes eating fresh grapes may prevent the accumulation of harmful oxidized cholesterol as well as the development of atherosclerotic lesions.

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