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LED as a model for environmental protection household appliances

In recent years, LED technology makes our lighting equipment during use to achieve a flexible, comfortable, convenient requirements. It is understood that the market for energy-saving lamps LED lamps to energy-efficient than 80%. According to the description of the staff of lighting wholesale markets, a 5-watt home led ball bulb can replace a 11 watt CFL, a 90-watt LED street lighting effect is equivalent to a 250-watt high pressure sodium lamps. However, mr16 led light bulbs more than other energy-saving lamp energy saving ideas.

energy saving mr16 bulbs with its lower power consumption, longer life, better light efficiency performance, the application of 9-volt battery clip, replacing the traditional incandescent lamp. But not well known is subject to the process requires energy-saving lamp tubes contain heavy metals like mercury, once the lamp breakage, the mercury into the environment, the environment and cause harm to humans. Unlike the energy-saving lamps and LED lamps have mercury pollution, does not pollute the soil and groundwater, in line with energy saving ideas.

It is understood that the LED lamps wholesale market with its light the advantages of long life, you can use 25,000 hours, light intensity can still be achieved after the decline of traditional new lamp light effect. And household LED lamps flicker, no radiation, lead, mercury. LED lighting, the biggest obstacle to open civilian market is that it is higher than the people at affordable prices. Can predict the future, high-voltage LED will gradually sought after by consumers, believe that the current 75W and 100W lighting alternatives will also be center stage.

However, the current popularity of LED GU10 light bulbs in the biggest problem is price pressure, followed by the power ratio. From chip to package all aspects, must take various measures to achieve cost reduction goals.

In short, I believe that LED lights are advocating the concept of environmentally friendly consumption, household consumption will be the first choice of consumers.

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