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Romantic Grape Festival

Tanabata Festival, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the occasion of the romantic period, the landscape of England held the Sixth estate Grape Festival.

The whole nine, very British style of tap dance, “Irish Love” opened the Grape Festival prelude, followed by familiar ethnic dance “sing folk songs to the Party,” drew thunderous applause from the guests, But the real climax of the atmosphere is Tanabata special events – wine and grapes games. Wine links, taking six of the lucky spot in a couple of wine production, leaving them to feel happy is also home brewed wine, so sweet to the store.

If the wine is sweet to describe, then the grapes happy to describe the application of the game. During the race, participants vexation greedy scene, so spectators to the side for their fuel, while laugh, but it is to get participants from the estate of a basket of organic grape quality and value, ranging from Dolton shopping coupons, so that both eat sweet grapes, and the feeling of intimacy between lovers, as well as generous gifts to get, they are naturally excited. Guests have said, the grapes are delicious to eat, wonderful show to see, as well as the landscape and the manor house you can enjoy beautiful, really enjoy the delicious food, a treat, but also full!

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