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Red Grapes Wine can ease the stress response to human health

Traditional medicine tells us that wine has refreshing invigorating, medicinal effect. Especially the elderly energy fatigue failure, moderate alcohol consumption can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance digestion and immunity, play a role in longevity. The latest research is that alcohol, especially drinking wine is a very important health effect is to relieve stress.

Within a reasonable drinking of wine can directly play a role in the peripheral nervous system, and central nervous movement work, gives a comfortable, euphoric feeling. The role of the sense of reflection as, before the drinking has begun.

In all kinds of alcoholic beverage, wine color is the most colorful. Show different red wine, garnet red, rose red, ruby ​​red, purple, yellow, yellow, green, yellow, golden, such as different colors, people pleasing. The wine into the corresponding elegant glass, due to the different kinds of wine exudes a mellow, fruity, floral, rose fragrance, musk fragrance. Since then, the drinking of wine, the tongue and the mouth of taste cells are stimulated us in a comfortable, euphoric state. This is a mental state of equilibrium, can quell anxiety of mind, so as to effectively suppress or relieve stress.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that we can properly on a regular basis, but the amount of alcohol, which can be lifted in time of stress, but drinking wine is an ideal way to relieve stress drinking.

More and more research and evidence that “stress” is harmful to the bane of modern human health. But it does not need to worry too much, because the same scientific evidence, the wine can reduce the threat to human health and the lifting of the stress response.

“Stress” is a psychological and physiological terms, is anything that can disrupt the function of the body tensions and disturbances. Physical stress such as cold, heat, noise can cause a variety of human biological response; psychological stress such as frustration, deprivation, conflict can cause psychological defense reaction. In most cases, these two types of stress can exist. Stress can cause a variety of patterns of behavior, one is called Type A behavior pattern, characterized by a lack of patience, with a total sense of time urgency, hard to compete, just think of the hearts of professional and related deadlines. There are reports that such patterns of behavior of people high risk of coronary heart disease. Some studies confirm that stress is the body to produce oxygen free radicals leading to the main reason.

Person’s ability to cope with stress was the heart – the body’s important medical research. A person can successfully control their stress situation, their mental and physical health have a profound impact. Recent studies have found that regularly drinking in moderation, especially long-term moderate wine drinking is an effective way to relieve stress. There are reports that drinking and stress echo can be generated to reduce the formation of catecholamines, which can be released from the stress state. Because stress is the body of oxygen free radicals increase the biggest reason why, through the amount of alcohol to relieve stress and inhibition, which makes maintaining physical and mental health.

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Red Wine and Health

C: wine beneficial for us What are the factors?

R: All the scientific evidence that wine is very beneficial for us, but may be certain types of wine better than the other. We observe the way in the laboratory to study the exact wine to improve vascular function in the material really is. We recognize, proanthocyanidins, a flavonoid polyphenols, which is a known antioxidant, its effects we observed, this material will profoundly improve blood vessel function.

C: There is a known as the “Mediterranean effect” phenomenon, of course, this does not mean that people must come from the Mediterranean basin, “French paradox” is also true. French people like to eat eat and drink, smoking like a chimney, this kind of life lasted for 500 years. No one really knows how they do it, do you think this is the result of their drinking wine?

R: Yes. Mediterranean diet come out after the investigation known as “the seven countries study” (University of Minnesota School of Public Health Professor Keith Ansel • “seven countries: coronary heart disease and mortality in multivariate analysis”), reported in Crete Island people living in long-term, despite eating a high fat foods, but very few heart disease. Their diet is often an important part of drinking wine. Then I began to study Sardinia, as the island’s largest concentration of centenarians in Europe, I found their wines than other regions of the wine contains more abundant procyanidins. Crete wine polyphenols are also particularly rich in content. So I investigated the French population, and the French in terms of regional differences in heart disease, as well as on regional differences in longevity. I found living in the southwestern region of the French people drink wine, very rich in polyphenols. But the coincidence is that the “French paradox”, the food we eat here is one of the highest fat content areas of France. Therefore, I believe: First, the wine should be part of a healthy diet; Second, some people are advised to drink less of nutrition, in fact, unfounded.

C: for you that there should be conflict of interest, because you are a wine connoisseur, is not it?

R: I do not want to say that they are a wine connoisseur. Obviously, we all like to justify their career. I am also a people who believe in low-fat diet, and I accidentally started a low-fat diet of scientific research. But I realized, in fact, if you want to have a healthy cholesterol levels, it should be noted that the type of fat intake, rather than simply a low-fat diet. Low-fat diets tend to make too much of pure carbohydrates and sugars into people’s body, which is unfavorable factors, and into a heart disease risk. This prompted me to write a book to illustrate this point, that is: Everyone should know what is healthy eating, the problem is not that you are thin or fat. Wine is a part, but the food you eat for your overall health is more important.

C: What is the role of those chemical substances for? How’s that?

R: In fact, the white grapes also contain these substances. The difference lies in the white wine and red wine brewing methods. White wine is fermented grape pulp, and peel red wine fermentation, and grape seed to take, in the long fermentation process has made more people need to polyphenols, so the higher level.

C: OK, we’ve learned that wine contains this kind of thing. But how do we know these things must be to the blood vessels? How it affects the risk of cardiovascular disease-free? How was work?

R: Essentially, you can think of a vascular tube and an internal layer of protection, health bears an important responsibility. The wine in the chemical protective layer on the role of promoting the health of, so this reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Many people find that chocolate also have this advantage, there is now evidence that dark chocolate also contains the same polyphenols, the same as a good red wine. So if you do not drink wine, but want to intake from other sources, these polyphenols, dark chocolate is one of the options.

C: I’m sure people at the end of the program will want to know something. Simply speaking, we should eat? The number of glasses of red wine to drink it? Cup enough?

R: to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease have a real impact on levels of consumption, have similar guidelines of a government recommendation that: women should not exceed one to two glasses a day, 125 ml glass; two to three cups like males. But the point is that we benefit from the consumption of wine, should become part of the lifestyle, rather than go to the bar, and should not be forced to drink a few glasses of wine, they think they get all the benefits. Important to fully understand the way of life should be combined.

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LED lighting change our lives

Semiconductor lighting (light-emitting diode, LED) is a new and efficient solid light source, with energy saving, environmental protection and long life and other significant advantages. The transformation of the world’s lighting industry and the rise of emerging semiconductor lighting industry, has become an indisputable fact. Advanced semiconductor lighting technology and products for its wide application and is considered the most promising in the 21st century high-tech areas. Present from the initial phone semiconductor lighting, traffic signals, display, landscape lighting, decorative and other special areas, began to enter the computer, television and other large-size LCD backlight has become the modern information society “to add luster to the “indispensable key components . Increasingly sophisticated car headlights, especially China’s urbanization, public infrastructure and other functions with the street lighting and commercial lighting, lighting for the semiconductor industry with a huge emerging market and development potential. In addition, agricultural, medical and many other emerging applications market has gradually developed. The next 5-10 years are likely to form the world nearly 1,000 billion dollars in semiconductor lighting application markets is expected to be another trillion dollar industry.


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Abu Dhabi’s “carbon-free city” project

Abu Dhabi’s “carbon-free city” project in the UAE to demonstrate the design museum

Some scientists have predicted that half of the 21st century will be the emergence of new technology a revolutionary change. To energy saving, environmental protection, focusing on new energy, new materials will become an important new field of scientific and technological revolution. With low power consumption, low pollution, low emissions as the basic features of the concept of low-carbon economy, but also lead the future survival of the human model. 2010 Shanghai World Expo, is a new century of urban quality of life of human event, in its “City, Better Life” theme is how to practice the “low carbon” slogan? Small piece of floor tile, a large exhibition hall, “low carbon” or even “zero carbon” city of the future is some kind of scene?

Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is expected to completed in 2016, will become the world’s first carbon-free, no waste, no city car.

Wake in the morning take the PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) to go to work, into the office to open with a photovoltaic solar power air conditioning, water recycling plant at noon taste of processed vegetables salad in the evening at home with a solar desalination system to produce separate shower bath … …

None of this is a daydream. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is in full swing in the construction of the “carbon-free city” where everything will become a reality. If you want the world’s first “carbon-free city” find out, in the UAE can preview the museum.

Recyclable “Dune”

United Arab Emirates was inspired by the unique and magnificent natural landscape – legendary steep sand dunes. Magnificent structure, can be recycled building materials, and nature complement each other. It shows the surface of a stainless steel panel, full of changing colors, from different angles, showing a different color, thus to mimic the light sense of shifting sand dunes.

United Arab Emirates area of ​​6,000 square meters, the “slope” high 20 meters, three continuous cutting “Dune” appearance represents the ancient, modern and future. When the audience into the United Arab Emirates will have a walking through the desert into the oasis feeling.

Relying on natural energy resources off the United Arab Emirates, well aware of the total energy has run out. Therefore, in the energy industry developed, rapid urban development, environmental protection is particularly great importance to the United Arab Emirates. Magnificent architecture, illusion of Rose Red, the United Arab Emirates have to look very luxurious. However, it uses recycled materials are environmentally friendly building materials. After the end of the World Expo in Shanghai, this “Dune” Museum will be shipped back to the United Arab Emirates, where he re-construction, to become a cultural center.

The desert, “carbon-free city”

Museum is unique in the UAE is that it not only looks strange. Foster + Partners design by the construction of the United Arab Emirates, will be a unique way to tell the world the story about energy use, and create a “carbon-free” city efforts.

“The UAE Desert Museum is a model energy efficient building.” Comes from Norman Foster’s design team said in an interview.

Designers explained that the concept entirely from the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, “Masdar further evolution” project. In the eyes of the designer, Masdar City is their for the Shanghai World Expo “Better City, Better Life” the best interpretation of the theme. In Shanghai, they have the Masdar City project in some experience to share with the world.

February 2008, Abu Dhabi, Masdar City held a groundbreaking ceremony, this small city by the renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners design, with a total investment of 22 billion U.S. dollars, is expected to create a capacity of five million people in the city of the future, and plan developed in 2016.

Enclosure 6 square kilometers from the desert this town, will be 8 years to achieve the dream of all mankind in the new energy. In its magnificent blueprint, covering the city from outside the massive solar panels, to waste management, wastewater recycling, green building is one of the urban planning, aimed against the zero-carbon, zero waste.


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Household LED lamps for our health living

Household LED lamps light is good, power consumption is only about 6% of conventional bulbs, the life of 6 million to 10 million hours, can be new home is being renovated, Mr. Wang is difficult to accept, he said, lighting currently on the market the LED shop selling household too little energy-saving lamps, looking up trouble, there is expensive.

According to industry analysts, the current industry in Dongguan is the production of high-power LED street lights popular, home decorating with interior LED lighting manufacturer is still relatively small, hard to find products on the market, and the price is also more expensive, therefore, household LED lamps into the homes of ordinary people really take some time before.


High power LED light to occupy the market

Data show that, as of the end of 2009, Dongguan has been engaged in LED lighting technology and product development, production and application of more than 70 companies. However, most small and medium enterprises, higher visibility to less than 10, mainly Kingsun Co., Ltd., Jiuxing Energy Technology Co., Ltd hundred percent. Moreover, most of these manufacturers are concentrated in the high-power LED lighting in the area, to join the domestic market, few companies.

Jinyang Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Kwong Chi-hung, general manager, said, as he did so mainly for household LED business too small, mainly due to the market acceptance is not high, people’s awareness has not changed, coupled with high-power LED’s R & D to get government subsidies, so very few companies to do home LED.


Energy saving environmental health

Kwong Chi-hung, told reporters, the first power LED light source relative to the traditional ratio of 65% to electricity. LED light source which extended out another advantage is significant return on investment can be as high as 50%. Secondly, LED light source, long life, can use up to 25,000 hours and less than 30% of the lumen. This new light can still reach the traditional lamp light effect. Furthermore, no flicker-free radiation free mercury, not only beneficial to human health, and good environmental protection. For example, he said, in his house a large living room 40 square meters, only installed the eight 5-watt LED lights, they make the whole room bright and transparent than traditional light sources, even more than most of the energy-saving lamps are now also available in the market power.

Bottlenecks: the high cost of blocking the public to buy

Kwong Chi-hung, told reporters that at present, the market for household lighting and decorative lighting LED price is 10 times the normal energy-saving lamps about the price of so many people so hard to accept.

Dongguan, a local seller of LED lighting, said Lo, LED lighting is difficult to enter the homes of ordinary citizens, mainly due to high prices, the price of a good LED energy-saving lamps can achieve the same common energy-saving lamp brightness about 10 times. Meanwhile, LED market, there are quite a mixed bag of phenomena, the price difference between the LED energy saving lamp energy saving lamp may be less common, but life is greatly reduced.

He also said that many manufacturers are currently developing civilian energy-saving LED lights, as the technology matures, lower costs, and consumer understanding of LED lighting, LED lighting products to the general public into the family.

LED lights into the hotel refurbishment, new favorite

Kwong Chi-hung, told reporters that at present, in the decoration market, home LED lights have yet to be developed, but the hotel this one, has now started to accept, but the potential is great.

It is reported that a number of star hotels and other upscale clubs Business Center, LED lighting on the recognition and acceptance is very high, for the scale of light is limited by the amount of money. But it has LED interior lighting to allow domestic enterprises to find new profit growth point. Difficult to estimate how big this market in the end, as technology advances, LED lighting, falling prices and the entire team of lighting consumption growth, the profit would be an astronomical figure. Because LED lighting is not really a huge group of consumers-star hotel, not the high-end clubs, but the homes of ordinary people. Information, LED lighting costs have been declining, the annual decline in LED cost about 20%.

Pressure on energy saving in the current situation continue to increase, with 3-watt LED lamps to replace 35-watt energy-saving lamps, energy efficiency more than 90%. Next, government agencies, offices, etc. will likely be the next follow-up of the LED lighting replacement groups.

Pay attention to choose the interior lighting

● Avoid the bedroom lights are too bright

Bedroom is a place to sleep, always a warm, quiet, comfortable based. Try to avoid bright lights or lamps with exotic shapes complex, but the lights can not be too dark so as not to bring repression. Bedroom wish to select the main dome hanging lamp.

● living room lights to be at different levels

Living room lighting should be chosen relatively strong sense of art lamps, coordinated with the interior layout. Edge of the sofa can be placed a floor lamp, to chat with friends and family to create a friendly atmosphere.

If you have a TV and other audio-visual equipment can be installed in the side wall, to watch the best family TV moderate lighting.

● Light features the most comprehensive study

Elegant study of the environment should be quiet, simple and bright. Therefore, the study should ensure that within the main body of simple lighting or fluorescent lamp can be a single fork, the position according to the specific circumstances of the room.

● Kitchen for casual Spotlight

Taking into account the heavy kitchen grease and moisture, and light compared to other rooms, the kitchen lights often need to take apart and wash, it should be based as far as simple, light materials are also better than the plastic and glass to facilitate cleaning. If you cater to the restaurant kitchen, warm incandescent light source should be adopted.

● Children’s room lighting safety first

When you choose for the children’s room lamps, the lamp itself is the first safety performance, in addition to lighting itself is environmentally friendly, modeling is lovely, the child psychology is very important. In the light side, the child is in the developmental stage, bright lights and high-color rendering is important, the three-color fluorescent lamp is the ideal choice, it is the use of a new generation of three-color phosphor fluorescent lamps, light-emitting efficiency is the common characteristic is that Fluorescent 1.4 times the color of an ordinary fluorescent lamp of 1.2 times. So light of three primary colors brighter, more realistic, natural color display, good eyesight of children.

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