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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, LED lighting products doing my part to become the most watched of the protagonist. The first special set of “Asian LED show”, LED products covering 12 exhibition halls, exhibition scale of 10 million square meters, occupying half of the entire show, while the LED exhibitors has more than 1800.

Low-power, high-life is essential to describe the advantages of LED lighting products, key words, precisely because of these characteristics, LED just under the theme of low-carbon world known as the “light revolution.” As the chip technology, applied technology, high prices and other issues, LED lighting products first from the technical requirements are relatively low, the market acceptance began to use the larger landscape lighting, and thus help in energy saving policies, and gradually into the outdoor public lighting area. However, as the technology matures, LED interior in this year’s show has been very clear trend of development. Such as GE Lighting, Philips Lighting, Osram Lighting and other representatives of the international lighting industry, cutting-edge lighting technology giants have LED interior lighting display applications, and domestic Mitsuo Aurora, to other traditional lighting companies have introduced indoor LED products.

Limitations on the show floor space, the exhibitors through a variety of simulated real-life situation to introduce LED applications, such as simulated supermarket lighting, LED lighting with high color rendering index, and convenience store goods such as fruits bright LED in Austria light of the “care”, the even more colorful and attractive. The Bank office in the same environment can be widely applied, because the color temperature of the LED can form different combinations, can be different requirements depending on the environment for the staff to create the most conducive to productive atmosphere. Philips Lighting in the hall, the show outdoors, home, office, shops and other areas of high-quality LED lighting solutions, and also showed a direct replacement for 60W incandescent lamp of the LED light source, with its unique shape and high performance to become a major highlight of the show. Toshiba LED lighting is brought to the center LED light engine, covering lighting, home lighting to the office of a large number of products, including a newly developed this year out of the LED light engine is particularly interesting, by the LED light engine with the cooling plate with combined with the heat emitted from the light source side of heat the structure, the control circuit is built for the lighting design to increase the play space, and for lamp and courtyard offer a variety of solutions; there a G X53LED light source, play the LED’s expertise, the design is more compact and practical shape, lamp imported products are used for commercial space, corridor, bedroom, office environment.

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LED lighting change our lives

Semiconductor lighting (light-emitting diode, LED) is a new and efficient solid light source, with energy saving, environmental protection and long life and other significant advantages. The transformation of the world’s lighting industry and the rise of emerging semiconductor lighting industry, has become an indisputable fact. Advanced semiconductor lighting technology and products for its wide application and is considered the most promising in the 21st century high-tech areas. Present from the initial phone semiconductor lighting, traffic signals, display, landscape lighting, decorative and other special areas, began to enter the computer, television and other large-size LCD backlight has become the modern information society “to add luster to the “indispensable key components . Increasingly sophisticated car headlights, especially China’s urbanization, public infrastructure and other functions with the street lighting and commercial lighting, lighting for the semiconductor industry with a huge emerging market and development potential. In addition, agricultural, medical and many other emerging applications market has gradually developed. The next 5-10 years are likely to form the world nearly 1,000 billion dollars in semiconductor lighting application markets is expected to be another trillion dollar industry.


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