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LED as a model for environmental protection household appliances

In recent years, LED technology makes our lighting equipment during use to achieve a flexible, comfortable, convenient requirements. It is understood that the market for energy-saving lamps LED lamps to energy-efficient than 80%. According to the description of the staff of lighting wholesale markets, a 5-watt home led ball bulb can replace a 11 watt CFL, a 90-watt LED street lighting effect is equivalent to a 250-watt high pressure sodium lamps. However, mr16 led light bulbs more than other energy-saving lamp energy saving ideas.

energy saving mr16 bulbs with its lower power consumption, longer life, better light efficiency performance, the application of 9-volt battery clip, replacing the traditional incandescent lamp. But not well known is subject to the process requires energy-saving lamp tubes contain heavy metals like mercury, once the lamp breakage, the mercury into the environment, the environment and cause harm to humans. Unlike the energy-saving lamps and LED lamps have mercury pollution, does not pollute the soil and groundwater, in line with energy saving ideas.

It is understood that the LED lamps wholesale market with its light the advantages of long life, you can use 25,000 hours, light intensity can still be achieved after the decline of traditional new lamp light effect. And household LED lamps flicker, no radiation, lead, mercury. LED lighting, the biggest obstacle to open civilian market is that it is higher than the people at affordable prices. Can predict the future, high-voltage LED will gradually sought after by consumers, believe that the current 75W and 100W lighting alternatives will also be center stage.

However, the current popularity of LED GU10 light bulbs in the biggest problem is price pressure, followed by the power ratio. From chip to package all aspects, must take various measures to achieve cost reduction goals.

In short, I believe that LED lights are advocating the concept of environmentally friendly consumption, household consumption will be the first choice of consumers.

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Green lighting and visual health

Since the invention of light, it can be produced indoors and at night, learning, life and social recreational activities. Space and time can be free to expand, social progress and human survival, development of science are inseparable from dimmable led gu10 bulbs lighting. Not difficult to imagine, if there is no lighting, the world will be like! How will the human face!

As human life, social progress and scientific development, people’s quality of lighting have become increasingly demanding. In brightness, color, visual continuous fashion, while it also improves the health knowledge lighting, hundreds of years have started to pay attention cynical eye lighting. This is the inevitable progress of human civilization development law, but also the green light based on the research and development base.

mr16 led light bulbs lighting concerns people’s health, and promote the development of the lighting market diversification. Have appeared in health lamp, Eye, bedroom lights, numerous special lamps. The advent of such lamps, reflecting the evolution of human life, the main factor is the source of human health requirements. Substantial increase in the amount of student work, resulting in longer lamp learning, youth vision loss has become a widespread problem. This is not only the achievements of the eyewear market, but also to cultivate the Eye Market. Studies have shown that the brightness and intensity of the bedroom is directly related to people’s mental state before falling asleep. As a result, the bedroom lights have a market space. Surveys show that people pursue and look forward to growing the concept of healthy lighting; lighting design green products will increase.

According to statistics, the average incidence of myopia students up to 60% or more in some areas even higher. Domestic in a middle school physical examination found that: 90% of students there are different degrees of myopia, refractive errors and vision loss. 70% of students between classes to wear glasses. Students do not wear glasses only 17%. Of course, people’s vision disorders is multifaceted, with genetic, bad habits and other factors. However, the lamp operation time and work, can not guarantee the proper rest and adjust the eye is an indisputable fact. Lighting environment is not only unscientific eye to the human cause, the human body can also cause other diseases. Recently, light pollution to the Earth’s living environment has negative effects in the human face of urgent priority.

We simply on eye health care issues of green lighting, lighting in order to have science and technology base development to clarify the existence of errors. From this perspective, human evolution determines the human visual system is compatible with natural light. With the light of scientific advances, improvements in source materials and lighting changes, the blind pursuit of high brightness, high-quality lighting, we can not let fear interfere with the evolution of the human visual system, or even the degradation of the human visual system. I observed that the developed cities of people born after the eighties in the dark wilderness, and yet not weak by means of the moon and stars light walking. Compared with our ancestors, it would not be a degradation? I believe that: modern lighting technology will bid farewell to the traditional “light” period, must not be ignored into a green and a new era of energy science.

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Garden lighting is getting more and more popular

Garden lighting is getting more and more popular, also it is uncomplicated to create why. By adding lighting, your garden can develop to be an extension of your home the two all through the day time and at night. Barbecues, parties, outside eating; lighting provides you as well as your family people the independence to get satisfaction away from your garden whenever you choose (weather permitting of course!).

Many homes have safety lights with PIR movement detectors. These lighting up when somebody passes by employing the beam, plus they force field your real-estate advantage in opposition to break-ins and vandalism. This may be the sensible element of garden lighting.

But in relation to design, you will create a genuine assertion utilizing LED lighting. If your garden is large, highlight trees and shrubs with flood lights. Fitted with huge intensity LEDs they’ll provide a bright, vitality effective lighting and deliver existence in the direction of the dim corners of your garden. largely because their electrical power intake is low, you can afford to spend money on outside lighting without any it costing a fortune to run.

It’s vital that you remember you need 12v mr16 led ideal for outside use, so be optimistic to look at its IP rating. If in doubt, ask for your electrician for advice.

If you do not possess the spending budget for electric powered features within your garden, you can nevertheless advantage from outside lighting utilizing photo voltaic powered lights. photo voltaic stake dimmable led gu10 bulbs are an fascinating and adaptable method to lighting your garden, and largely because they do not need any wiring, they are quite affordable. Just pop the stake all through the soil and you are away. Use them to highlight pathways and draw the eyesight in the direction of the carry out near to the garden. photo voltaic stakes purpose by storing vitality in batteries away from your sunlight all through the day. At evening the LED lights take advantage of the vitality to produce light.

If you entertain a lot, LED lighting within your garden is in actuality a must. vibrant lighting will include atmosphere for the functions and barbecues. Hang bigger lights from trees, and deck your decking with twinkling LEDs. Illuminate your consuming water attributes and ponds for just about any romantic aquatic glow. do not neglect to lighting your paths. jointly with looking stunning, this could help keep away from trip and slip accidents, and retain your prize peonies from getting trampled underfoot!

Just a few many years ago, garden lighting was exclusive to huge homes and their wealthy owners. Now garden lighting is affordable to purchase and run on even the smallest budget. With effective LED lighting, you certainly can alter your garden into an outside ‘living’ room.

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Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, LED lighting products doing my part to become the most watched of the protagonist. The first special set of “Asian LED show”, LED products covering 12 exhibition halls, exhibition scale of 10 million square meters, occupying half of the entire show, while the LED exhibitors has more than 1800.

Low-power, high-life is essential to describe the advantages of LED lighting products, key words, precisely because of these characteristics, LED just under the theme of low-carbon world known as the “light revolution.” As the chip technology, applied technology, high prices and other issues, LED lighting products first from the technical requirements are relatively low, the market acceptance began to use the larger landscape lighting, and thus help in energy saving policies, and gradually into the outdoor public lighting area. However, as the technology matures, LED interior in this year’s show has been very clear trend of development. Such as GE Lighting, Philips Lighting, Osram Lighting and other representatives of the international lighting industry, cutting-edge lighting technology giants have LED interior lighting display applications, and domestic Mitsuo Aurora, to other traditional lighting companies have introduced indoor LED products.

Limitations on the show floor space, the exhibitors through a variety of simulated real-life situation to introduce LED applications, such as simulated supermarket lighting, LED lighting with high color rendering index, and convenience store goods such as fruits bright LED in Austria light of the “care”, the even more colorful and attractive. The Bank office in the same environment can be widely applied, because the color temperature of the LED can form different combinations, can be different requirements depending on the environment for the staff to create the most conducive to productive atmosphere. Philips Lighting in the hall, the show outdoors, home, office, shops and other areas of high-quality LED lighting solutions, and also showed a direct replacement for 60W incandescent lamp of the LED light source, with its unique shape and high performance to become a major highlight of the show. Toshiba LED lighting is brought to the center LED light engine, covering lighting, home lighting to the office of a large number of products, including a newly developed this year out of the LED light engine is particularly interesting, by the LED light engine with the cooling plate with combined with the heat emitted from the light source side of heat the structure, the control circuit is built for the lighting design to increase the play space, and for lamp and courtyard offer a variety of solutions; there a G X53LED light source, play the LED’s expertise, the design is more compact and practical shape, lamp imported products are used for commercial space, corridor, bedroom, office environment.

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LED lighting change our lives

Semiconductor lighting (light-emitting diode, LED) is a new and efficient solid light source, with energy saving, environmental protection and long life and other significant advantages. The transformation of the world’s lighting industry and the rise of emerging semiconductor lighting industry, has become an indisputable fact. Advanced semiconductor lighting technology and products for its wide application and is considered the most promising in the 21st century high-tech areas. Present from the initial phone semiconductor lighting, traffic signals, display, landscape lighting, decorative and other special areas, began to enter the computer, television and other large-size LCD backlight has become the modern information society “to add luster to the “indispensable key components . Increasingly sophisticated car headlights, especially China’s urbanization, public infrastructure and other functions with the street lighting and commercial lighting, lighting for the semiconductor industry with a huge emerging market and development potential. In addition, agricultural, medical and many other emerging applications market has gradually developed. The next 5-10 years are likely to form the world nearly 1,000 billion dollars in semiconductor lighting application markets is expected to be another trillion dollar industry.


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Green light for healthy living Lighting

Nowadays, many young people in the decoration of the house over the pursuit of magnificent effect, or with intent to create a blurred sense of hazy, so the lighting of choice in a lot of thought, the role of the light source completely from the provision into a “to create interest in life” . In fact, if used improperly, light pollution will be brought to the home life. Decorating a new house to live in it, it make people uncomfortable, headache, anorexia, faults are looking up, and originally thought that indoor air pollution, air quality testing found no problem after that where problems? In this regard, experts advise, light pollution may be to blame.

A number of seemingly improper application of bright lighting will cause light pollution, the owners live in the light pollution if long-term serious room to easily get involved in headache, vertigo problems.

Many owners choose easy to go to extremes when the lighting or the light intensity over the pursuit, hoping to be home to create a glittering effect, become the home style and generous; or excessive pursuit of romance, in the dim light of hope to create a part II people warm and the world, so home life full of fun. Two home style although the lighting in the choice of very different, but they are likely to cause light pollution in the home life.

Research results show that light color temperature and brightness would affect people’s emotions, for a long time living in the bright light, not only may change the brain’s “clock”, people are likely to feel tired, but also reduce the body’s calcium absorption of light is too strong and even may lead to abnormal metabolism of human cells. Similarly, if too long living in the dim light environment, it tends to make people depressed, dispirited, even produce severe depression, affecting people’s mental health.

If the bright lights so that the whole environment uncomfortable or dark Debu appropriate, not only pollutes the room, and its meaning has lost its light.

Lights are too bright too dark

Are contaminated

Many people in the purchase of lighting, the lighting too much emphasis on style and color, in fact, not science.

How to choose the right lighting it? To remind the industry, the choice of lighting, not only to take into account the needs of interior lighting and beautiful, but also taking into account the different colors of lighting the psychological impact on people, in the light color and brightness, etc. but also to the pursuit of humanity.

Choose light colors and comfortable choice should be the first element of the lamp.

Common sources are generally divided into white and yellow color of the two, the owner can choose according to individual needs, the yellow light will appear relatively more comfortable environment, which is closer to the color stability of natural light.

Many owners in the choice of lighting color shade when a lot of importance, especially like those colorful, novel products, but ignoring the light lit through the chimney will also present the different colors, different color combinations will bring a different visual effects, the combination of light pollution can also cause improper, such as the combination of red and blue, red and yellow combination and the combination of blue and green are easy to give cause vertigo.

In addition, the intensity of light should also focus on coordination, avoid too strong and too dark, especially the children’s room and a study of light, but also to try to avoid light pollution damage to human health.
LED Recessed Ceiling Light can make you have a good healthy living light.

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