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Raisins to treat anemia

Raisins is dried in the sun or dry in the shadow of the grape fruit. Do raisins fruit
must be ripe fruit, raisins, only 15-25% moisture content within, the fructose content of up to 60%. Therefore it is very sweet. Raisins so you can save a long, long time after the raisins in the crystallization of fructose may be, it does not affect their consumption. Raisins can be eaten as a snack or directly on the cake, some parts of the food cooking raisin sauce.
Raisins are rich in iron. Many women often pale, cold hands and feet symptoms, mild anemia may be the performance of a handful of raisins. A handful of raisins a day can improve the symptoms of secondary.
Study found that the iron content of raisins is 15 times the fresh grapes, raisins also contain a variety of other minerals, vitamins and amino acids, is physically weak anemia diet quality goods.
Raisins can promote digestion. Raisins contain tartaric acid, can help digestion and gastrointestinal tract.Raisins can lower cholesterol, prevent thrombosis, the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It also contains flavonoids, an antioxidant, can remove free radicals, anti-aging.
Experts suggest that people can eat a handful of raisins, 30 to 40 grams, adhere to the 15 days, to have a role in improving anemia and physically weak. However, higher sugar content of raisins with diabetes should not eat.

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