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Red Grapes Wine can ease the stress response to human health

Traditional medicine tells us that wine has refreshing invigorating, medicinal effect. Especially the elderly energy fatigue failure, moderate alcohol consumption can accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance digestion and immunity, play a role in longevity. The latest research is that alcohol, especially drinking wine is a very important health effect is to relieve stress.

Within a reasonable drinking of wine can directly play a role in the peripheral nervous system, and central nervous movement work, gives a comfortable, euphoric feeling. The role of the sense of reflection as, before the drinking has begun.

In all kinds of alcoholic beverage, wine color is the most colorful. Show different red wine, garnet red, rose red, ruby ​​red, purple, yellow, yellow, green, yellow, golden, such as different colors, people pleasing. The wine into the corresponding elegant glass, due to the different kinds of wine exudes a mellow, fruity, floral, rose fragrance, musk fragrance. Since then, the drinking of wine, the tongue and the mouth of taste cells are stimulated us in a comfortable, euphoric state. This is a mental state of equilibrium, can quell anxiety of mind, so as to effectively suppress or relieve stress.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that we can properly on a regular basis, but the amount of alcohol, which can be lifted in time of stress, but drinking wine is an ideal way to relieve stress drinking.

More and more research and evidence that “stress” is harmful to the bane of modern human health. But it does not need to worry too much, because the same scientific evidence, the wine can reduce the threat to human health and the lifting of the stress response.

“Stress” is a psychological and physiological terms, is anything that can disrupt the function of the body tensions and disturbances. Physical stress such as cold, heat, noise can cause a variety of human biological response; psychological stress such as frustration, deprivation, conflict can cause psychological defense reaction. In most cases, these two types of stress can exist. Stress can cause a variety of patterns of behavior, one is called Type A behavior pattern, characterized by a lack of patience, with a total sense of time urgency, hard to compete, just think of the hearts of professional and related deadlines. There are reports that such patterns of behavior of people high risk of coronary heart disease. Some studies confirm that stress is the body to produce oxygen free radicals leading to the main reason.

Person’s ability to cope with stress was the heart – the body’s important medical research. A person can successfully control their stress situation, their mental and physical health have a profound impact. Recent studies have found that regularly drinking in moderation, especially long-term moderate wine drinking is an effective way to relieve stress. There are reports that drinking and stress echo can be generated to reduce the formation of catecholamines, which can be released from the stress state. Because stress is the body of oxygen free radicals increase the biggest reason why, through the amount of alcohol to relieve stress and inhibition, which makes maintaining physical and mental health.

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